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Action Bank Infusion (ABI) alters some of the core AMS functions.

This plugin injects these changed functions directly into the primary action list.

It also adds many new functions that rest within the core method classes.

New Actions range from DialogEx functions to XML functions and are infused directly into their respective parent tables.


  • Improves many existing functions
  • Adds several new functions in existing method tables

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Version History


Added the following functions:

  • Folder.GetEndFolder()
  • String.NumberToWords()


Renamed the project to "ABI" (Action Bank Infusion).

Updated the IRLua Plugin Helper Functions (v2.9).

Added the following functions:

  • Application.GetPageOrDialog()
  • Application.IsDialog()
  • DialogEx.Close()
  • DialogEx.Show()
  • Folder.Clear()
  • Folder.GetParent()
  • String.Capatalize()
  • String.ToTable()
  • String.IsBlank()
  • Window.Center()



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