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AMSPublic is going through a make-over right now. Please be patient during this process. More things are being added and updated every day.

What is AMSPublic?

AMSPublic is dedicated to sharing scripts, plugins and programs with the AutoPlay Media Studio development community.

Products Offered

At AMSPublic you'll find plugins, scripts, examples, tutorials and graphics for AutoPlay Media Studio as well as completed programs for various things. Almost all of the software on this site is offered free of charge although I do resell a few products here from other developers that I have found very useful in the development process of AMS applications. Those products as well as my free software can be found on the Software page.



  • If you find this website and its contents useful, please consider donating. Any amount is appreciated.
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  • All code hosted here is written by Centauri Soldier and is the intellectual property of AMSPublic.com unless otherwise noted.
  • All downloads offered at AMSPublic are offered with no warranty. There is no warranty offered with any code, program or any other download listed here, implied or otherwise. The author(s) of the code available for download take(s) no responsibility for any damages that may occur from using or downloading any software or code from AMSPublic. Use at your own risk.


  • You are free to use any of the code hosted here in your commercial and non-commercial projects. This does NOT include selling the code as single items or in bundles. You may NOT sell or resell any of the code or programs listed here.
  • You are also free to host and redistribute it as you see fit as long as all legal and readme documents remain unchanged and intact and credit is given to the author(s).

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